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Midlux: bienvenido el lujo al alcance de muchos

Midlux: Welcome to the luxury for everyone


It seems that we are gradually overcoming the crisis that hit Spain in the last decade. I always thought that when it comes to difficult situations it is hard going through them but normally it is also happen when the greatest progress arises.

Academias English Opening School en Alicante

The opportunities


Opportunities are always there, constantly. Everything that happens is an opportunity, we just need to be able to recognize what each one is for. If we don’t take advantage of them, others will.

The origins of OTSU


Otsu’s origin as a business pursuit dates back to 1992. Spain was in the midst of a serious economic crisis (not as serious as the current crisis) and I was one of the thousands of students attending the University Complutense of Madrid.

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