Valencia Plaza: The company lands in United Stated and expands the business in Spain

 29/09/2014          Blog   

Otsu desembarca en EEUU y amplía sus negocios en España

VALENCIA (VP): “We cannot move forward without taking risks or making mistakes. We are working towards getting used to any change of scenario and take advantage of the possibilities which have arisen from the crisis. Once we adapt to the change, we can still be productive as well as profitable”, explains Manuel Fernandez, president of Otsu Group.

The family holding company is in the throes of expansion with their brands in Spain such as Dorsia which is the main chain for surgical centers and medical aesthetic treatments, as well as incorporating new business lines such as the running (commercial spaces for different sport practitioners). Furthermore, the group has started its international adventure: Manuel Fernández has settled in New York where he is handling collaboration proposals to create associated societies with a nutrition/dietetics groups and another for surgery and aesthetic medicine. They are also considering possibilities to export their model of gold buying and selling centers.

“We are looking for local partners who are capable of inspiring us confidence, security and knowledge of the new market. Our first idea is creating joint ventures in which we have most of the capital to maintain the control over the services and brand, “said the group’s president.

Otsu is mostly interested in the United States market but has also set its sights on Latin America and some European countries; facing a second phase of overseas implementation. “Everything will depend on achieving agreements that completely satisfy our expectations,” Fernandez points out.

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