Dora de Teresa, entrevista a Manuel Fernández

Interview with Manuel Fernandez on Cv Radio


Dora de Teresa who is an executive coach and former judge, interviews Manuel Fernandez Navarro, president and founder of Otsu Group holding. This business group covers several companies such as Dorsia Clinics, Eva Fertility Clinics and Le Morne Brabant. You can listen to the interview in the player below.

El dueño de Dorsia quiere ser el Amancio Ortega de las Franquicias

Expansión: The owner of Dorsia wants to become the new Amancio Ortega, the most important Spanish entrepreneur of franchise companies


In this article of the Spanish newspaper Expansión Manuel Fernandez explains his future plans regarding Dorsia Clinics, Quick Gold in the United States and his future expectations in Spain. He also talks about Schoola franchisees plan and his expectations of expansion. Finally, he mentions the launch of a future franchise in the restaurant sector without […]

Magazine El Mundo: El poder de la imagen

El Mundo magazine: The power of the image


Manuel Fernández, is the president of the Otsu holding company which includes brands such as Dorsia Clinics and Quick Gold in addition to other brands. Everything started at the age of 22 when he began to work at the foreign currency exchange office while he was studying for his law degree. From this experience, he […]

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